Attack of the Fanboy

Developer Shows off new tech for Hitman:Absolution

by William Schwartz


Hitman: Absolution will be shipping with the new Glacier 2 Engine, and IO Interactive will be unveiling the proprietary tech at GDC 12.  Their upcoming title will be capable of rending very crowded environments in the game.  The image that was supplied to Side Mission shows a scene of a celebration with a very dense crowd of people.

According to the developer, “these dense crowds allow players to interact with and influence the behavior of each person in the crowd.”  These crowds can reach upwards of 1200 characters on screen while still keeping a smooth 30 frames per second rate.

This could have a huge impact on the way we play games, and the opportunities that developers have to make games different than what we are used to.  We’ve seen games that feature large crowds, but with the developer claiming that there could be 1200 characters on screen at once, that is indeed an advancement.

Hitman: Absolution is due out later this year.

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