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Devolver Digital has Five Unannounced Games Coming in 2021

What could they be?

by Kyle Hanson


Thanks to their annual E3 “press conference” and a string of huge hits, Devolver Digital has become one of gaming’s most beloved publishers. They always seem to find ways to surprise and please their audience, often with brutally violent or delightfully quirky games crafted by smaller developers. And it seems like 2021 could be another big year for the publisher since they have five unannounced games coming.

They announced the news in the most Devolver way possible, asking which of the unknown games fans are most excited for. What are the games? Well, if we knew that then they wouldn’t be unannounced.

Currently their 2021 slate consists of Olija, Shadow Warrior 3, Card Shark, Boomerang X, and Loop Hero. Looking back at 2020 they’ve recently launched games such as Disc Room, Serious Sam 4, Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, Carrion, and Sludge Life. As you can see, Devolver Digital likes to offer a wide selection of genres and game styles.

With five games coming in 2021 fans could have anything in store. Could it be a long awaited sequel for a Devolver classic such as Enter the Gungeon or Katana Zero? Will we revisit the world of Genital Jousting or Hotline Miami? Anything is possible, so watch for more news as these games and more are announced in the coming year.

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