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Diablo 3 PTR Patch 2.4 Notes Revealed, New Zone, Set Dungeons, & Console Features Coming To PC

by William Schwartz


As BlizzCon 2015 draws to a close many fans of Diablo 3 are sad to hear that there hasn’t been an announcement of a second expansion pack for the beloved title yet. However, we learned the details of the upcoming 2.4 patch and got a little preview over on the official site.

Thankfully, this looks to be an even heavier patch than the previous one that added a new area and a slew of various additions. First is the new area, dubbed Greyhollow Island which you can check out in the image above. Its very dreary and gives off a creepy vibe. This is of course exclusive to adventure mode. On top of an entirely new area, Blizzard will be adding expanded areas that will offer more variety in bounties to the Eternal Woods and Royal Quarters.

Set Dungeons are new dungeons that will open up when players equip an entire six piece set and can be activated by stepping into the proper glowing green portal. These are static and are not random and are created to offer players a challenge who have chosen to utilize the set they adorn. The rewards will be cosmetic to add to the set. Try to master one, or all 24 of them.

Empowered Rifts will allow players to spend gold to power up a greater rift which will mean that if you make it to the end, you will earn additiona gem upgrade chances, up to a maximum of four. This is a great way for fans to spend their gold and earn better gems quicker.

Players across all platforms can expect these upgrades as well as new legendaries, revamped sets, increased stash space and more. Those participaing in the PTR though will notice some additions that the PC version will be getting that are exclusive to it.

Action combat will be coming to PC which has been on consoles for some time, it allows for bonuses based on such things as amount of destruction and the amount enemies killed consecutively. Revisions to Season Journey and a new element dubbed Season Rebirth, where you can take a regular character from your roster, drop him down to level 1 again and put him into the season bracket, all of their gear and equipment will be stowed in your regular mailbox for 30 days until you claim it with another character. It is a great way to continue playing Seasons without continuously creating new characters.

No word on when the Diablo 3 2.4 PTR will begin just yet, but fans are excited to find out more.

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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