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DICE responds to Battlefield 3 Criticism from fans

| April 27, 2012

DICE responds to Battlefield 3 Criticism from fans News PC Gaming PlayStation Xbox  Battlefield 3

Battlefield 3 has seen its fair share of controversy and fan outrage since launch, but now six months in, fans have become even more vocal than ever before. Concerning the game’s problems and the methods that DICE has chosen to address them, has stirred up Battlefield fans, yet again.

The last update that arrived on all platforms was the biggest on record, and it fixes a lengthy list of problems that the game has been facing. As you can imagine, not everyone liked the changes made in the last patch. DICE’s Patrick Bach addressed those disgruntled by the recent changes to the game in a recent interview.

“People do not care and they do not know about the big picture, but we do. Because we don’t care about single individuals, we care about everyone. We try to make sure that everyone has a great time and that the balance is overarching. So we have a lot of statistics, we look at all the data and we try to listen to people and ask ‘is this really an issue?’. And in most of the cases it is not an issue.”

“People do not care and they do not know about the big picture”So are there still problems with Battlefield 3? If there are, DICE is continuing to look for ways to improve the game, says Bach. “”We get a lot of praise for it but the biggest problem is that the people that like it don’t go on forums and write about it, they just keep playing,” Bach added. “We can see that our player numbers are going up as we speak because of the patch. It’s not going down even though people say I’m not playing because of the patch… I think if people went back to the old patch now after a couple of weeks they would see the big differences. But then again it’s not that it’s hassle free, so of course we are looking into any real issues that we need to fix,” Bach elaborated.

Yesterday, DICE released new gameplay footage from its Close Quarters DLC. And spoke about problems still facing the game. The developer reassured that they are still looking into problems with Battlefield 3 on all platforms, and new fixes (for PS3) should arrive before the expansions.

Battlefield 3 Close Quarters Screenshots

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  • Iggyvader

    If they would fix the suppression and the dart glitch it wold be good.

  • $25193756

    Never Satisfied

  • Rayray

    Cannot update new patch….  gets to 99% then says there is an error.  Is anyone else having this problem?

  • Literate77

    I downloaded the patch on xbox 360 when it came out, without any problems. And by the way, I agree with DICE on this; too many people are complaining about it. I hated the MAV glitch and the game seems to run smoother than ever. The only ONE thing I don’t like it now nearly EVERY match I try to play is a rented server and I sometimes get kicked or team switched by the dumb host.

  • MrHertz

    i work most of my week, so i dont have all the time in the world to play the game all day long to get ranks, unlock weapons and stuff…….. and when its time to play, i dont wanna get cornered by unemployed kids who will spoil all my diversion because they walk with “one-shot-to-win” weapons.

    dice is completely right. people today only care about themselves and NOTHING more…. why do you think theres a big problem with cheating these days?

    once i played a server that was 556/115….. how can a team stands with 556 and the other 115 deaths? then i realised what was wrong, and it was curious to see how i could kill 3 , almost 4 guys at the same point… CHEATING NOOBS.. VERY STUPID INCOMPETENT PEOPLE.


      Was that conquest? Winning by a factor of 5 is easy if your team has all of the flags.

    • Nailcannon

      what you need to realize is that(especially in bf3) you can have the best weapons but you need the skill to use them.whether or not you have a p90 if you dont know how to use it youre just gonna keep getting destroyed by the “cheating noobs”.in order to get that skill you need to play. so the weapons arent “better” per say its just that the people that have them have played much more than you.if you cant put in the time into a game that specifically requires time to play better than that game isnt for you. and getting a  game like that is very common. sometimes you just have people that suck vs people that dont.

    • Wschwa12

      I started playing BF3 after the patch again, and I have to say that it’s a lot more enjoyable than before.  The game feels more balanced.  It doesn’t matter what multiplayer game you play, you’ll always find players that try to manipulate loadouts or weapons to get an advantage.  

      Plus TDM for the win! Can’t wait for Close Quarters

    • Allen

      @ Wschwa12

      Oh it’s balanced alright, a dude on the ground with an RPG is as heavily armored and armed as a main battle tank. Fking lame. It SHOULD take 3 people to coordinate and take out a tank, or at least 1 really good dude using all his skills and cover to confuse and over come that tank.

    • Nailcannon

      @allen are you kidding me? a good person in a tank can take out 15 people before getting blown up. it takes 1 tank shell landing next to the engineer to kill him as opposed to 2 rockets in the back(not even including reactive armor). its all based on skill. if an engineer is good vs a bad tank then yeah itll be an easy kill. but a bad engineer vs a good tank the tank wont be more bothered if it was a fly.


    “We get a lot of praise for it but the biggest problem is that the people that like it don’t go on forums and write about it, they just keep playing,”
    Smartest thing bach has said in a long time. I love the patch to death. Before the patch I spent a decent amount of times on the forums but now there’s no point. DICE shouldn’t listen to the battlelog forums. They’re just a melting pot for all of the pretentious disgruntled BF “vets” to rage about how much they hate bf3.

  • RLgilleland

    I see its all about the numbers for  them now. I remember when it was about the people who get them off the ground. I remember when Battlefield was an “acquired taste” because it didn’t cater to the weak minded. I can still remember tracer darts and Carl Gustavs


      You’re implying the Carl G was a good thing?


    It sucks

    • Drsnoopy70

      Yeah, I still spawn in with no arms or weapons. I called ea and they say to do all sorts of stupid shhh and it still don’t work.  This is a bug in there game that is still not even ready to be out.  they released a broken game  and i was the fool to buy it.  sick of this shhhh i am no longer a loyal fan because i cant even play the game i paid 60 buck for.  and if you go to their forums and say hey cant spawn in with weapons i get no reply.

  • I have to agree with AIRFREAK and most of the people here.  DICE is doing all they can to address the needs of the general Battlefield crowd.  Sure there will be some glitching from time to time but I imagine people will continue to complain even when these are addressed.  I can understand that there would be a lot of upset players but our recent patch did fix a lot of things.   I’m sure DICE is looking into those problems and with the upcoming CQ DLC coming out soon, it would make sense of them to be a little occupied.
    As for custom servers… I really miss kill counters that were below 200.  Sometimes having 500 tickets or more is just too much (imo). 

  • Allen

    I have 1 problem with BF3, well after the last patch I have 2 problems actually.

    (1) Every map should have vehicles, dont’ give me a map pack that’s all about no vehicle maps. LIke I would ever in a million years pay for more Operation Metro suck my balls maps.

    (2) After the patch DICE or EA or whoever, both of them rented out all the good servers. Fk these fools that make these stupid huge ticket maps and kill you with a push of a button if you go in and pwn everyone.

  • platinumwarrior121

    Should i say something or just stay quiet? Lmao

  • Bigjershby

    i have only 1 issue really and its when i get in a good server with good players that work together and things get crazy the left half of my screen gos blank and i lag like crazy,my reload animations freeze,and i get stuck on stuff its like when things get good my xbox cant handle it

  • james smith

    DICE can’t do anything that will make everyone happy

  • Angryps3&bf3 user

    WOW, Hey dice, use the forums you say, we don’t speak out you say, and use the forums ?
    Maybe you have a different internet than us!  here I can help.

    ( All the No weapons at spawn glitches, from dec to now and before 2012 )

    (That’s just 14 results, here’s google they do a better job at recording ),or.r_gc.r_pw.r_qf.,cf.osb&fp=fe2819027d67eb6c&biw=1366&bih=648

    So don’t pull the I didn’t know our users were having issue, we are telling you, and you are trying to make the ( enter gun here ) less overpowered, really, I DONT EVEN SPAWN WITH GUNS ANYMORE, HOW ABOUT ADDRESSING THE GAMEPLAY!  DUST514 WILL BE EPIC SOLEY DUE TO CCP LISTENS TO ITS USERS.

    • Nailcannon

      you do realize ccp and dice share the same philosophy right?
      dont complain cause they wont give a crap.

    • Nailcannon

      theres something i want to share with you. ccp is pretty lenient with their moderating. scamming and hostage taking is perfectly legal in eve. the players of dust are all going to be hazed for the first while from the eve players.its not a game for the wannabe fps gamer. just a fair warning.

  • Egg_Yellow89

    I wish they made the game more battlefield like than Cod like. That annoyed the heck out of me. But overall a good game indeed.

  • Oh DICE, you keep forgetting that the most vocal people are also the ones who have been your longest fans. 

  • Robluny

    read this. says it all.

    EA have shafted us all with the rent a server release while raking in the gold. bastards have ruined the game

  • It’s not the fan anger at the unbalanced game itself. It’s the fact that DICE has left players out to dry without any promise of information. Why make Battlelog when you won’t even respond to players through it? 

    Here’s a thought: the ones who play a lot and comes on the forums to complain/opinionate, are most likely your most loyal fans. Way to flip them off, DICE.

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