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Dragon Quest Heroes Characters Detailed

by Damian Seeto


Little information was revealed about Dragon Quest Heroes when it was first announced last week. However, now we know a little more details about the characters of the game.

Weekly Shonen Jump has the latest information on Dragon Quest Heroes. DualShockers grabbed a scan for the game which detailed more about the characters you will play as and encounter. The interesting part is that the characters are all designed by the legendary Akira Toriyama. He’s designed most of the characters in the previous Dragon Quest games as well as the creator of Dragon Ball Z.

In terms of the characters in Dragon Quest Heroes, the two playable heroes you play as are “Act” and “Meer”. Act is a “great guard captain with a clear mind”. Meer is described as a “fearless swords-woman”.

The other two characters in the game are named “Julieta” and “Dirk”. Julieta is good with magic and “supports the hero with her mind”. Dirk is the “King of Eruzsaze Kingdom”, but he’s not afraid to fight in battle himself too.

The story of Dragon Quest Heroes mainly revolves around a group of evil demons that terrorize the Kingdom for some reason. It’s up to you to try and defeat them.

Dragon Quest Heroes releases in 2015 sometime for the PS4 and PS3.

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