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Drawn To Death Will Release Free For PS Plus Members Next Month

by Mike Guarino


Drawn to Death is set to launch next month on PlayStation 4, and today we learn that PlayStation Plus members will be able to download it for free during April. The game is an arena shooter with a distinct art style that takes place within the pages of a notebook.

The announcement was made on the PlayStation Blog today, with the game’s director David Jaffe talking about the decision to make the game free during its launch for PlayStation Plus members. “For the past few months, whenever players would suggest that Drawn To Death would be a perfect fit as one of the free games for PlayStation Plus, I’d have to bite my tongue (And if you know me, you know that ain’t easy!).”

He goes on to say that he would tell players that they had no plans to do that, “But behind the scenes we had been talking to the folks over at PS Plus. I wanted to find a way to invite all of you PS Plus members into this experience and give you a look at what really excites me about games these days. We’ve been working on Drawn To Death for nearly three years, and over time, it really has become this robust, highly competitive game — and we haven’t even talked about a lot of the new features yet. Needless to say, I thought you could all help us build an unbelievable community for the game.”

The blog post also announces a handful of features that have been added to the game since its original announcement that will be ready for the game’s launch next month, which are the following:

  • Sphinx Missions: Wake the Sphinx and solve eight battle-focused riddles. For every riddle solved, a new weapon or level will be unlocked.
  • Character-centric Missions: Besides leveling, players can take on 15 missions per each of the six launch characters. Earn costumes and rare Taunts working through characters. Master all character missions and the player could come “face to face with the Volcano God.”
  • Mystery Boxes: The boxes are filled with taunts and character skins. Get a free Mystery Box by playing three matches online and then earn Mystery Boxes for every 150 kills on the battlefield.
  • Climb the Tower: The launch tower is based on the theme Dark Fairy Tales. Play in ranked mode and earn a chance to reach the top of the tower. A sticker will be handed out for every floor reached.
  • Insane Mystery Special Offer: A surprise not ready to be detailed – only the hint: “Destroy my enemies and my life… is yours!”

Drawn to Death will launch exclusively for PlayStation 4 on April 4th. The developer will be hosting a livestream at 6 PM ET tonight, which will be a great way to check out the game’s new features.

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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