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Duke Nukem Forever Info Coming in January

by Bill Hess


In the Feburary issue of Electronic Gaming Monthly, Gearbox Software CEO Randy Pitchford, announced that new information on Duke Nukem Forever should be arriving soon.  How soon?  Like end of the month soon.

New info on the game is highly anticipated, but Pitchford also talked about another highly anticipated game from the developer.  Aliens Colonial Marines.

But it’s kind of a downer.  The game will not be arriving in 2011.  And no timetable was put on the game. And on a side note, EGM gave Gran Turismo 5 a 6.5/10 .  Ouch!

You can pick up your latest issue of Elecontrics Gaming Montly at newstands everywhere, but if you were a subscriber you wouldn’t have to go to that filthy place.  You could be reading your latest issue on the toilet right now.

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