EA says next generation is yet to come

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When Nintendo launched the Wii U late last year, many believed that it marked the start of the next generation. According to John Riccitiello of EA, the next generation is “yet to come”.

In light of the weakness in the Wii U, Riccitiello expressed mild concerns for the platform in a recent quarterly conference call for EA. Though he isn’t ready to throw in the towel on Nintendo just yet. “You never count Nintendo out,” said the CEO. “When their marquee titles show up, that’s when you usually see the bounce.”

Wherever Nintendo’s success ends up with the Wii U, Riccitiello still doesn’t believe that the next generation starts until Sony or Microsoft launch a new console. The CEO told investors that “what we’re describing as ‘gen four’ is yet to come.”

EA has already expressed that they’ve been throwing development money into the Xbox 720 and PlayStation 4 for awhile now, and we should expect big things from the publishers when the next-gen does arrive. Which seems to be getting closer with each day. Just yesterday, Sony announced a special event that could mark the first actual first-hand news about the PlayStation 4.

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