Easy Platinum Trophies Are a Thing of the Past With New PlayStation Store Change

Here is how and why Sony is making important PlayStation Store changes.

by Matthew Kevin Mitchell

Easy platinum trophies are now a thing of the past with Sony’s new PlayStation Store change, and here is why. Sony stated that they strive to have the best catalog possible for their consumers and want their partners to have an equal chance of being discovered by players. Therefore, when developers release spam on the PlayStation store, they say it negatively impacts both the consumer and partner experience. As a result of this new change, you will be hard-pressed to find games that offer easy platinum trophies. Here is everything you need to know about why easy platinum trophies are a thing of the past with the new PlayStation store change.

Easy Platinum Trophies Are a Thing of the Past With New PlayStation Store Change

Sony’s new PlayStation Store change will combat destructive content: shovelware, reskinned, non-games, or games that give out platinum trophies like candy. In addition, Sony sent out a development letter to all its developers stating they could face multiple consequences, including being shadowbanned, delisted, or the developers themselves being banned from publishing games in the future.


Developers release shovelware games when they release many games and care more about quantity than quality. This category can cover more banned categories, like reskinned games, making it easier to put out games more quickly.

Reskinned Games

Developers reskin games using a game’s existing source code to create a brand-new game. A developer can put out a lot of games using this method, but the content is usually not a whole lot different other than visual changes.


A non-game is an application that was not designed as a game but to run on game consoles.

Easy Platinum Trophies

Easy platinum trophy games are a type of game whose sole purpose is for its player to earn platinum trophies. For example, you will earn The Bear and the Wolf platinum trophy in God of War Ragnarok by collecting every single trophy in the game, which isn’t an easy feat.

What are the Consequences of not Following the new PlayStation Store Change?

In Sony’s development letter, they stated the following consequences would be given if developers failed to follow the new rules:

  • Content does not feature automatic merchandising placements, such as the “New Releases” thread
  • Content excluded from PlayStation Store Merchandising
  • Content is not permitted to proceed to publication until policy violations are rectified
  • Content is removed from the PlayStation Store until policy violations are rectified
  • Content Takedown
  • Discoverability on PlayStation Store is restricted
  • PlayStation Partners Account Suspension or Termination
  • Review slot availability is affected

As you can see, those consequences are severe for developers who do not follow the new PlayStation Store change and the newly enforced rules.

- This article was updated on November 23rd, 2022

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