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Ed Boon Mentions A Kombat Pack 3 For Mortal Kombat X Yet Again

by Dean James


Mortal Kombat XL for PC was recently announced as coming after the initial snubbing of the PC platform after the horrid initial game release. NetherRealm’s Ed Boon had been teasing this for awhile, along with a potential Kombat Pack 3. With one announced, we are hoping the other comes to fruition and he is back to dropping hints once again.


Boon absolutely loves using his Twitter to communicate with the fans, which often includes quite a bit of trolling. The latest came in a two word tweet that just said “Kombat Pack 3 ??” He included a funny picture though as well, which you can see on the right.

Considering the mass success of the first two Kombat Packs, as well as the combined collection under the name Mortal Kombat XL, it would just make sense to give us another Kombat Pack, with fan favorites like Fujin and Frost already being involved in the game but aren’t playable.

One argument has been that they have moved on to Injustice 2 by now, but not everyone is working exclusively on that game. Plus, it would make a lot of sense to do like they did with the cameo of Scorpion in the Injustice: Gods Among Us DLC and put someone like Batman in here. However, DC might not be want that with the fatalities in this game, but they could probably find some way around it.

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