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Evolve DLC Maps Will Be Offered For Free

by Damian Seeto


Fans of the game Evolve will be happy to know that Turtle Rock Studios plans to make DLC maps free for gamers to download.

Creative Director for Evolve, Phil Robb, revealed this exciting news about Evolve in an interview with IGN. It appears that all the DLC maps will be offered for free to everyone.

The main reason they are offering free maps to all Evolve players is because they don’t want to “break the community up“. They didn’t want players feeling left out if they didn’t purchase a map, but all of their friends did. With all the maps being free, this means the whole community can join in and have fun.

Not every piece of DLC will be offered for free, but other players can still interact with players that have new monsters and hunters. New monsters and hunters will be offered as paid DLC, but people that don’t pay for them can still “play with those characters“. Again, this was done in a way so Evolve players aren’t segregated in any fashion.

If you pre-order Evolve, the first monster DLC will be offered for free. Another cool gesture that will make fans very happy indeed.

Hopefully other game developers/publishers can follow suit too…

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