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Fallout 76 ‘had a Lot of Difficulties at Launch’, Received ‘Well Deserved Criticism’ says Todd Howard

Some serious introspection from Bethesda

by Kyle Hanson


Fallout 76 wasn’t Bethesda’s biggest and best game launch ever. The online, multiplayer survival game was hugely hyped, but landed with a thud for a lot of players. Bugs were a major problem, but underlying design problems were cited by many as causing huge issues for gameplay and overall player enjoyment. Since then, Bethesda has done a lot to try to get players back and make them happy. This included a great panel at PAX East, and has continued at E3 where Todd Howard took the stage and admitted to Fallout 76’s various issues.

Fallout 76 “had a lot of difficulities at launch,” said Howard before admitting that they received a lot of “well deserved criticism” from fans. “But the team kept working on it, and you kept playing it,” Howard continued. “And through all of that, something amazing has happened. It’s thanks to all of you. This game [Fallout 76] has one of the best online communities we’ve ever seen. We made a post-apocalyptic survival game where you can do whatever you want, and everybody’s nice to each other.”

Of course, for myself I didn’t fight other players because there wasn’t much point to the PvP systems in Fallout 76 at launch. However, that could be changing soon as Bethesda promised a lot of updates for the game. This includes human NPCs and a new Battle Royale mode.

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