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FFXIV Endwalker Tank Job Changes Details

Defensive Cooldowns Reworked and More Changes
Endwalker Tank

Final Fantasy XIV will introduce all-new job changes to every Tank Job across all of its classes, all will be introduced in the new Endwalker expansion pack. With the new expansion pack, Square Enix is attempting to rework defensive cooldowns so that every Tank could get extra benefits when used with perfect timing, this will reward the more technically-focused plays and the proper use of cooldowns. The update will also remove the Ranged attacks’ ability to break a Tank’s combo, this is done so that players would no longer feel the need to stop attacking simply to save their combos.

Paladin will by far receive the least amount of changes, the gap-closer skill Intervene now has an increased distance of 20 yalms, also, Confiteor will now be the beginning of a new three-attack combo that will be added.

Gunbreaker will have a new trail that will raise the maximum number of cartridges to three, the gap-closer Rough Divide will have an increased range of 20 yalms, players will be able to use Continuation after a Burst Strike, and from now on Savage Claw and Wicker Talon will automatically replace Gnashing Fang.

Dark Knight‘s Plunge will now have an increased distance of 20 yalms, Delirium has been changed to 60 seconds, Salted Earth is no longer a placed ability, and Living Shadow will have a new action when players acquire a new job.

Warrior‘s Inner Release will enable a planned new action, Onslaught will have three charges, both Onslaught and Upheaval will no longer use up the Beast Gauge when used, and AoE combos will now trigger and extend the damage buffs.

Final Fantasy XIV Online: Endwalker will be released on November 23, 2021, and will be available on the PS4, PS5, and PC.

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