FFXIV Players Have Already Created Hilarious Adventure Plates in Patch 6.1

This new feature allows players to express their "uniqueness" in-game in a whole new way.

by Carlos Hurtado


FFXIV has a new feature that lets players express themselves even more in their adventures. The latest FFXIV update added an unexpected feature and since then, all players have been enjoying and sharing their new creations with the community.

Update 6.1 arrived for FFXIV a couple of days ago, and among many of the changes and additions to the game a new feature was added. Besides the new side quests, roles, new game + content, emotes, and even mounts added to the game, a new feature has been getting a lot of attention from the FFXIV community. Many players have been sharing their creations and creativity with the new Adventure plates.

For the past couple of days, many members of the FFXIV subreddit have been sharing the creations many players have encountered while going through the popular MMO. Hundreds of players have been sharing their new Adventure Plates and many of them are finding new ways to recreate memes and common jokes found in the community. Some have gone a different way, and have managed to insert custom text on their Adventure Plates, making them more unique than ever. Many players are still learning to use this new mechanic, so players should expect to see new plates moving forward.

The Adventure Plate feature is a good idea to keep players engaged in the game; this will let many of them customize their experience, even more, the next time they go into the PVP side of FFXIV. Sometimes these customization options are what make players stick to a game instead of going to another one where they can make their profile and character look exactly how they want.

The feedback shown by the community has been rather positive since the feature was implemented with update 6.1. So far, the community has been rather busy making new Adventure plates and sharing them on the subreddit. Some of them are hilarious while others have a different kind of humor, so if you decide to go to the subreddit looking for some Adventure Plates, get ready to be surprised with all the things the community has been creating.

All in all, this update managed to bring a new feature that has been entertaining a good portion of the player base. We hope they keep adding features, and content like this, so their player base keeps growing.

Final Fantasy XIV is available now on PC, PS4, and PS5.

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