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Final Fantasy 15 On PC Lets Early Buyers Play As Half-Life’s Gordon Freeman

by Jelani James


While Half-Life fans wait (perhaps futilely) for Valve to announce Half-Life 3, Square Enix is providing fans with the next best thing: a Gordon Freeman costume for Noctis in Final Fantasy 15 Windows Edition.

This costume is a larger part of an initiative to help encourage fans to pick up Final Fantasy 15 on PC when it arrives next week. Depending on which storefront someone purchases the game from, they’ll get special, exclusive bonuses. And it just so happens that the one for Steam features a Half-Life pack which includes a Gordon Freeman costume, his glasses and crowbar. As an added bonus, these bonuses also carry over to the multiplayer expansion Comrades.

You won’t be able to do any Gordon Freeman-like actions, but seeing him teleporting around and slashing things left and right is sure to be a ton of fun. However, the opportunity to do this will be a limited one and will only be privy to those who purchase the game before May 1.

Meanwhile, those who purchase the game from the Microsoft Store or Electronic Arts’ Origin service will also get their own set of bonuses.

Those on the Microsoft Store will gain access to a set of Phoenix Downs and Elixirs to use from the start of the game, along with a special sword. Most notably, there will be cross-platform functionality between the PC version and the Xbox One version, which will allow players to transfer their save data from PC to the Xbox One (no word on if it works in reverse yet) and play Comrades with one another once the feature arrives in a future update.

Lastly, those on Origin will be able to get a set of car decals so long as they order the game before March 6.

If you have yet to pick up Final Fantasy 15, then this latest release is the perfect chance to do so. The game, despite a few misgivings, was already good on release and has only gotten better since then thanks to a steady stream of DLC, such as character swapping, multiplayer and unique character episodes. Players on consoles needed to get the Season Pass (I’m still upset this wasn’t included in the $200+ Collector’s Edition) to access much of this content, but PC players will be getting everything for free.

And if that’s not enough, there will be a demo available on Feb. 26 which allows for players to play the entirety of the first chapter in order to see whether the full game will be worth the purchase.

Final Fantasy 15 Windows Edition is due out on March 6.

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