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Final Fantasy VII PS4 Rating By PEGI Teases Quick Release

by Dean James


There is no question at all that Final Fantasy VII is one of the most iconic games of all time and it has seen a release across multiple platforms since its initial release on PlayStation. Last year, the enhanced version that previously released on PC was announced for PlayStation 4 and after a few delays, it sounds like it might finally be coming very soon.

While the Final Fantasy VII Remake has completely overshadowed this release for the most part, there are plenty of gamers that still want this enhanced version for PS4. After being delayed from earlier this year to late 2015, we still have no release date.

However, a lot of speculation has been that the release date could very well be announced at PSX later today, which is seeming more and more likely according to a new listing.

PEGI is the ratings system for Europe and a listing has just popped up for Final Fantasy VII for PS4. This is obviously not going to be the remake, so it pretty much has to be the PC port.

The interesting part is that it lists a release date of today, December 5, so we could be seeing an “available right now” announcement for this one during the PSX keynote later today.

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