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Final Two Octopath Traveler Characters, Talent Mechanic Revealed

A Scholar and a Cleric are introduced, while the Talent mechanic is explained.

by Dylan Siegler


Octopath Traveler, the new Square Enix RPG in which the player takes turns controlling eight different characters, is coming soon to the Nintendo Switch. Over the past several months, each of the game’s characters and their unique abilities have been revealed. Now, with about two months until launch, the final two characters have been introduced.

In Octopath Traveler‘s May 2018 preview video, we are introduced to Cyrus the Scholar and Ophilia the Cleric. Cyrus begins his adventure searching for “a lost home that may hold ancient mysteries.” Cyrus has the ability to use the Path Action “Scrutinize,” which allows him to extract information from various characters he comes into contact with. Ophilia is a member of the Order of the Sacred Flame and sets out to “return light to the realm.” Ophilia’s Path Action, “Guide,” allows her to take NPCs along with her and take them to new locations where they may be needed.

The video then went on to discuss the Talent Mechanic that will be present in Octopath Traveler, explaining that each character has their own Talent in addition to their Path Action. Cyrus’ “Study Foe” Talent will allow him to discover one weakness of a new enemy at the beginning of a battle. Olberic the Warrior’s Talent is “Bolster Defense,” which lets him “enter Boost Mode when defending.” Alfyn the Apothecary’s “Concoct” Talent lets him create potions mid-battle to heal allies or damage enemies. H’aanit the Hunter’s “Capture” can tame enemies and have them attack other enemies. Ophilia’s “Summon” lets her call on an NPC she’s currently Guiding so they can assist in battle. Primrose the Dancer can also “Summon” an NPC that she has Allured with her Path Action. Tressa the Merchant’s “Eye for Money” lets her sometimes randomly find money while walking around. Therion the Thief’s “Lock Pick” lets him open treasure chests inaccessible to other characters.

The video also explains that when you start playing Octopath Traveler, you will play as one character at first, and you get to decide which one of the eight playable characters you start off with before going on your journey and meeting the other seven. You will only be able to have four characters in your active party at a time, but which characters are in your active party can be switched out at any tavern. The video also states that it’s possible to see all eight characters’ stories to their ends within a single playthrough.

Octopath Traveler is set for a worldwide release on July 13 and will be exclusive to the Switch.

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