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For Honor Closed Beta Start/End Times Revealed

by Mike Guarino


Ubisoft will be hosting a closed beta for their hack ‘n’ slash game For Honor very soon, and now they have revealed when the beta will begin and end. It officially kicks off on January 26th at 9:00AM EST, and will then come to a conclusion on January 29th at 8:00PM EST.

Seeing as it is a closed beta means that only those who were invited are able to take part in it, but you’re not completely out of luck if you weren’t invited. People who will be a part of the beta are able to invite up to 3 friends to join them, so ask around to see if anyone’s looking to bring some people along for the ride. If an invite ends up going unanswered, then the player can retrieve it and send it to someone else.

Despite this only being a closed beta, it seems like it’s going to offer a pretty decent amount of content for players to play around with. There will be nine playable heroes from each of the game’s three factions, as well as five different modes to take them into action with.

This beta will be running across PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC, so all potential buyers will be able to take part in the fun. If you’re a PC gamer and are unsure whether or not your rig will be able to handle the game, then be sure to check out the game’s PC system requirements.

The great news is that this beta is coming pretty close to the actual release of the game, so the wait wont be much longer before the full game releases. For Honor will launch for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on February 14th, and the developer previously revealed that any additional content that comes to the game will be entirely free.

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