Fortnite Fans Think This New Drone is Copying Valorant

Fortnite is always evolving with content and whenever a new addition is introduced to the game, many players start to make comparisons with things they’ve seen before, and a certain drone has sparked some similarity checks by players. Other than the new drone, some may feel that the game is still missing some highly requested features by fans. All in all, the Falcon Scout can be used to ping enemies, fly around the area, and more, and some have noticed a striking functionality resemblance to the Owl Drone used by Sova in Valorant, players may even think that the Fortnite drone is copying Valorant with this.

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Videos have already been circulating on platforms like Tiktok such as this video from zzcartof32 which has the text “they really did add Sova Drone to Fortnite” on the media. It is clear that fans are quick to make judgments about various features added to any game and what they have in common with their other favorite games. The Owl Drone from Valorant does have a lot of similar features to the Falcon Scout in Fortnite but these are features that are common with many drone tracking scouts in games.

Nonetheless, it is still a drone that has gotten a lot of attention from the Fortnite community with some players even thinking that the drone may be disabled soon because of everything that it can provide in terms of advantages. Of course, the drone likely went through a heap of testing before being added to the experience so there may be just a few small tweaks needed for the drone in the future which will no doubt be added by developers if there are.

Along with the Valorant drone discussions floating around in the Fortnite community, some have been more focused on working out what the best augments are in the game to utilize. If you are looking for an edge to combat on the field then getting the best augments is a great place to start with getting that all-important edge.

Fortnite is available at this very moment on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Android, and PC.

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