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Gamestop CEO: PlayStation VR Is The Best Place For Games But Install File Sizes Will Be Huge

by Damian Seeto


The Gamestop CEO reckons that the PlayStation VR headset will be the best place for games. However, he warns that the install file
sizes for VR games might be very large.

As reported by Gamespot, Gamestop CEO Paul Raines talked more about the PlayStation VR headset at the ICR Conference 2016 earlier this week.

Raines has a positive outlook on the future of the VR industry. In particular, he said that Sony might have the upper hand over the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.

He said the most important thing about the launch of VR is having strong titles. With this in mind, he said “Sony seems to have the strongest title count“.

Sony did mention at CES 2016 that they have over 100 video games in development for the PlayStation VR right now. Unlike the competitors, they also have an installed fan base since the VR headset will work on the PlayStation 4. The other devices may be more expensive as you need a powerful PC to run them.

He also warned that VR games in general will have “even larger files“. This might be a pain in the neck because mandatory game installations are the norm now. File sizes can be up to 50GB and get bigger with update patches too…

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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