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Gears Of War Dev Wants The Brumak Added To Monster Hunter: World

Monster Hunter x Gears of War? Yes, please.


Crossover events aren’t a new concept in the Monster Hunter series; hell, Monster Hunter: World already had one with Horizon: Zero Dawn, Street Fighter V, Devil May Cry and Mega Man. And if a certain developer gets his way we could soon be looking at another: Gears of War.

Yesterday on Twitter, Gears of War developer Rod Fergusson mused over the possibility of a GoW x Monster Hunter: World crossover, asking: “So who at @monsterhunter do we need to talk to about getting a Brumak in the game? :) With or without guns – although an armed monster would be pretty cool!”

Indeed, it would be pretty cool for the two to have a crossover with one another, but would the two mesh well?

Sure, why not.

Though the two franchises don’t seem to have much in common, there is one commonality between the two which binds them together: regular-sized humans fighting over-sized monsters. Really, the only thing that might be difficult to include would be the Brumak’s weapons. Aside from its large body, the Brumak uses a chain gun and rocket launcher — armaments that your average Monster Hunter enemy wouldn’t have access to. Perhaps the weapons could be adapted to be more in-line with traditional MH attacks, like the chain gun firing scales (similar to Seregios) and the rocket launcher firing massive fireballs which explode upon hitting the ground (similar to Rathian subspecies).

Of course, it’s not like such difficulties have stopped crossovers in the past. For example, one of Monster Hunter’s most notorious crossovers was with Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker in 2010 when Snake was able to hunt various monsters from the MH series, even going so far as to allow players to utilize MH-inspired controls when doing so, while players in Monster Hunter Portable 3rd could dress up as Naked Snake or The Boss, changing a variety of core aspects of the game in the process.

The only difference between now and then would be that the other franchise’s monsters would be entering Monster Hunter’s world instead of the other way around.

Unfortunately, such a pairing would be incredibly unlikely (if not impossible), as MH:W‘s Kaname Fujioka and Yuya Tokuda already stated that adding monsters from other sources doesn’t fit into the ethos of the series.

Well, at least we can dream.

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