Goodbye Volcano High Is Being Pushed Back Until 2022

We'll have to wait a little longer until we get our hands Goodbye Volcano High

by Carlos Hurtado

The narrative intensive game Goodbye Volcano High was shown for the first time at Sony’s “Future of Gamingonline event for the Playstation 5 on June 11th, 2020.

The game explores the lives of three high school students close to graduating, dealing with the doubts and fears that many of us faced at that time.

The developers tweeted earlier today revealing that they are going to be delaying the release date to 2022. Leaving many fans with a sour taste in their mouths.

Going into the full post that the dev team made on their site they explain the reasons behind the delay.

Their reasons behind the delay…

They state that making games is a very hard thing to do without even putting the pandemic into the mix.

In 2020 they had to do a full reboot of their game’s narrative some daunting to even the most experienced developers this means almost starting from scratch and more if your game consists of long cinematics with some interaction.

This and many other reasons not disclosed on the post are why they are deciding to push back the release, stating that they don’t want to put their team’s mental and physical health at risk by crunching to put out the game at their before 2022. Getting into stressful situations and unhealthy work hours were going to be mandatory if they kept their release date to 2021.

Taking a little more time to finish their product and polish what they feel can be improved without rushing things can be what this anthropomorphic dinosaur drama needs to meet all expectations.

Game crunch has been a controversial topic among several developer studios and the fact that they are taking measures to ensure this won’t happen to them is a great sign of their work culture and practices.

Goodbye Volcano High is coming to Playstation 5, Playstation 4, and PC in 2022