Grand Theft Auto Online Holiday Update Is Live

by AOTF Staff

Grand Theft Auto Online fans rejoice, the annual holiday update is live. Get your Santa hat on and celebrate with some mayhem.

Currently as confirmed by Reddit, there is a PlayStation 4 patch that weighs in at 1.2GB and it includes new clothes, cars and fixes to the game. Oh and it gives you a Christmas Tree in your apartment. It seems however that the update is only currently available on PlayStation 4 and will slowly be rolling out overnight across all four platforms. It is possible that current and next-gen platforms will have different holiday bonuses, but it is unlikely.

The only reason that it appears likely is that a response to a question over at Rockstar Newswire’s Q&A in regards to upcoming snow for the holiday season: “we can say that we do have a few seasonal treats in the works for players on all four systems to enjoy this coming holiday season in GTA Online.”

Hopefully fans across all platforms will be able to enjoy the holiday goodness later today. Rockstar will likely put out a release detailing the full brunt of the additions. Remember, these are limited so get while the getting is good. As for vehicles, keep in mind you can try them out in single player and buy them in GTA Online if you like them. Ho Ho Ho.

[Update] Below are a few patch notes posted by Rockstar Games.

  • Players are now able to own a third property, allowing potential ownership of up to 30 cars and 9 bicycles.
  • Deadzone and Acceleration sliders have been added to control settings.
  • First Person Mode Auto Level Camera on/off setting has been added to Settings.
  • Fixed multiple issues to allow improved matchmaking and connectivity speeds.

Also confirmed features of the ‘Festive Surprise’ update are new weapons which include a homing missile launcher and proximity mines, new clothing and masks, snow, four vehicles, a fireworks launcher for New Year’s and a ‘surprise’ on Christmas Day for logging in. Not bad.

- This article was updated on December 18th, 2014