Grand Theft Auto V Mod Turns Spider-Man Into A Killer

by Dean James


PC gaming is the hub for too many mods to count for various games and that made the wait for Grand Theft Auto V on PC all the longer. The best part about Grand Theft Auto V is being able to go all around Los Santos just having fun killing people and traveling around, so wouldn’t you like to do that as Spider-Man?

The mod lets you use a Spider-Man costume and go all around Los Santos, which is made easier by “web swinging.” While not technically swinging around like the usual Spider-Man, you can use the grappling hook gun to get around. With the gun, you can aim at building and upon hitting it, you will swing in that direction with “webbing” that is your grapping hook.

While you can swing from one area to the next, it would have been cool to see the mod take it to another level by including web climbing in some way, as unless you hit the top of a building, you will instantly fall to the ground upon reaching the destination. That would be much more difficult and might not even be possible within Grand Theft Auto V, but either way, this mod is rather cool and you can check it out in action below.

- This article was updated on March 8th, 2018

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