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Grey Goo Definitive Edition Adds 4th Race and DLC Campaign, Drops Price to $29.99

by Kyle Hanson


Grey Goo was already a fairly content-rich experience when it released last year. The RTS game launched with a sizable campaign featuring three different playable races, along with a robust multiplayer. However, the game’s developer Petroglyph promised post-launch support, which they have delivered in the form of Grey Goo Definitive Edition.

This latest update drops the price of the game permanently to $29.99, while adding in a bunch of content, which current owners will receive for free. The new content includes extra campaign missions, the game’s soundtrack, and a fourth playable race.

This last bit will probably be the biggest shift in gameplay for Grey Goo players. The current three races were fairly different from one another, as we discussed in our interview with the game’s publisher at PAX South 2015. The Shroud is the ominous name of this new playable race, described simply as “destructive, alien life forms.”

The Shroud looks to really shake up the balance of Grey Goo. “The Shroud’s units and structures look and behave differently than those of the other three factions. Take the Mimic as an example. It looks like a normal unit, but if it gets close to one of your own, it will change appearance to infiltrate and spy on your forces!”

Grey Goo Definitive Edition is available now on PC via Steam.

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