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GTA Online players are the gift that keep on giving


Take Two Interactive is really happy about the success of Grand Theft Auto V and GTA Online. The game has sold over thirty million copies since its 2013 release, and has continued to rake in cash through its online microtransactions in GTA Online.

According to Take Two CEO Strauss Zelnick, GTA Online is the gift that keeps on giving, in statements to FOX News (via CVG).

“Just a few years ago when we put out a product, no matter how big, when we put out a hit we collected our money, we went onto the next,” Zelnick says. “Now, what we’re finding is we’re creating recurrent consumer spending and we have the gift that keeps on giving.”

Microtransactions have been a hot button issue in recent years, especially in full priced games like Grand Theft Auto V. Giving players the option to pay to win, or changing progression elements of the game to entice users to buy these items is something that fans have clearly shown disgust in.

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