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GTA Online does not require an online pass, code, or separate purchase

by William Schwartz


GTA Online was revealed to the world earlier today. The ambitious new online mode for GTA V will not arrive on launch day for the game, but will release nearly two weeks later as an update to the game on October 1st.

But just because this portion of the game is arriving at a later date, don’t expect for Rockstar to sell the online part of the game separately. Rockstar recently clarified the staggered release in a statement to Polygon.

“We don’t have any plans to sell GTA Online separately,” said a Rockstar representative. “It will come free with every copy of GTA V and doesn’t require a code, online pass, or anything like that.”

Confirmed by another recent interview with Computer and Video Games, the GTA Online mode will be accessible through the character wheel of the main game.

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