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After GTA V Rockstar could be looking at connecting all worlds

| December 17, 2012

After GTA V Rockstar could be looking at connecting all worlds News PC Gaming PlayStation Xbox  Rockstar Games GTA V

Rockstar has put together some of the most impressive game worlds we’ve ever romped through in the Grand Theft Auto franchise. With GTA V on the horizon and its locale set in stone, a recent interview has shed light on what Rockstar may have in store for fans of the franchise beyond Los Santos.

In a recent interview with Digital Trends, Rockstar North president Leslie Benzies explained that the developers have been throwing the idea around of giving players an even bigger open world to explore, one that houses all of the Grand Theft Auto settings.

“Of course at some point we would like to have one big world containing all our cities and let the player fly between them and revisit their favorite areas, and in that context re-imagining Vice City would be very interesting.”

With GTA V yet to see a release, it’s hard to tell if this idea has been put into motion at this point. The next Grand Theft Auto title will revisit Los Santos, the fictional city from Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas based on Los Angeles. With many believing that the next generation of consoles will afford developers the technology and storage to make even bigger games, this all-encompassing Grand Theft Auto world could become a reality.

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  • djmagnumb

    Can you imagine GTA being as big as Skyrim, that would be fu*king insane!!

    • Nate

      ahh dude . the new gta will be like 3 times bigger than skyrim..

      • djmagnumb

        From what I heard it’s gonna be the size of San Andreas AND GTA 4 combined.

        • Willis

          It’s larger than GTA IV, San Andreas AND Red Dead Redemption with room to spare :)

      • rick james 91

        hopefully it will run smoothly

    • mrhertz

      gta is bigger than skyrim already… it takes a lot to cruise the map from point to point, even on a fast car. while on skyrim youll be on a horse; cant compare both. :)

    • copropphilliacsealeoleol

      Gta V is like 3 times the size of Skyrim.

  • derkee

    Consoles….. How about you leave the ‘big world’ maps to us PC gamers…. Let the kids play on their little consoles; I have 2 TB to use, GTA would be perfect for it….

    • Danny

      lol You PC gamers and anyone who argues over consoles Vs PC’s are such bedwetters and giving gamers such a bad sad name as saddo virgin basement boys.

    • L

      How about fuck you?

    • dusty

      Lol, leave the big world maps to p.c…..yeah and the petitions begging to make them as welll oooh zing!

  • Steve

    OMG i had this idea a while back it was me and my bros saying “imagne R* puts all GTA’s together and putting all the previous characters in the world but this GTA game would’nt be one particular place,it would be the whole GTA world like,london,liberty city,vice city,los santos etc.. and everything combine and letting you to be able and fly around the world like literally going to the airport and fly across the ocean to europe and stuff,such a gigantic world it would be soooo awesome the best GTA’s of them all :DDD doing anything of what we can possibly imagine do anything we can do in real life,in the game like bank heist when ever you want to and run the risk of getting killed or arrested,and if sent to jail you can stay there till you time is up or you can plan an escape yourself. wanting to go to a country but dont have money for the flight or whatever the reasong,there be an option letting u go there illegally (no steryotypes) just cool ideas! i dont know just imagine of all the possibilities but it sure would be cool if all the GTA’s got combined and letting you pick your GTA characters and being to fly around the world and stuff :DDD” we spoke about this in 6 period lunch ^.^ LOL

    • rickjames91

      sounds good BUT there will be no mention or appearances from the previous generation of gta characters!

      • Steve

        yeah i know v.v i would of been cool tho :D

  • Trutth Be Told

    That’s an excellent idea and something I always wished they did after GTA IV.

  • NoodleNed

    How about Rockstar focus more on making new locations. Imagine if they only kept Liberty City for future GTA games and didn’t bother making Vice City or San Andreas locations purely for nostalgia purposes? Now we’re just getting re-imagined areas that are 10+ years old. What about the future of the series?

  • djmagnumb

    I doubt that!!:-)

  • mrhertz

    doesnt matter how big the city is, if you have only 10 buildings to get in. would be much better to have a smaller map with hundreds of houses, buildings, parks and sewers to interact with.

  • F%^K rockstar

    Why isn’t rockstar making GTA V for PC ,so gay

  • Saint Sega

    Grand Theft Auto is evil…


    Saint Sega

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