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Halo Infinite Beta Opening Up to All Xbox Owners This Weekend

All Xbox Insiders Are Invited
Halo Infinite Multiplayer Flag

343 and Xbox have just announced that any and all Xbox insiders are encouraged to join the Halo Infinite Multiplayer Preview this weekend and can do so without having to sign up for the Halo Insider program. This effectively opens up the second weekend of Halo Infinite’s Multiplayer Preview to anyone who owns an Xbox without having to even sign up on Halo Waypoint.

Xbox players who are interested in taking advantage of this announcement shouldn’t take them too long to sign up and be ready for when the weekend comes. All you’ll have to do is head to the Microsoft Store on your Xbox, download and install the Xbox Insider Hub app, agree to terms and conditions, and from there you will be able to immediately download the Halo Infinite – Insider build. After following these steps, all you will have to do is wait until the second weekend of this Multiplayer preview to start this weekend.

Up until now, anyone interested in testing out Halo Infinite’s preview builds has had to sign up on Halo Waypoint using their Xbox account, and then sign up to join the Halo Insider program which would ask players to add several other information regarding how he will play the early Halo builds and on what console. This greatly hindered the number of players who had access to the Halo Infinite Insider build which was favorable to 343 until now, the focus has now shifted from simply letting players test the game and report bugs so they could be fixed ahead of launch to testing out the servers and the durability of them with an increasing number of players trying to jump concurrently.

Besides letting Xbox Insiders join the Halo Infinite Insider build without having to sign up on Halo Waypoint, 343 has also decided to limit PvP action to only 2 play sessions a day in order to incentivize players to overwhelm the servers by joining at similar times as much as possible. So far during the first weekend of the Halo Multiplayer Preview, the servers have been impressively resilient and have not crashed which seems to have encouraged 343 to go a step further and invite even more players to test out the game.

Halo Infinite Multiplayer Preview will resume from October 1 to October 3, this time the preview will include Big Team Battle mode including the new Fragmented map on top of the older modes and maps from the first preview including Bot Slayer, Social Slayer, Training Mode, and Weapon Drills.

Halo Infinite is releasing on December 8, 2021, on PC, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and Xbox Game Pass.

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