Halo Infinite February 3rd Multiplayer Update Patch Notes Reveal Minor Changes to Big Team Battle

by Shubhendu Vatsa


February 3rd Multiplayer Update has arrived for Halo Infinite, and here’s a list with all the changes and fixes added with this patch. This new February 3rd update for Halo Infinite primarily focuses on improving the multiplayer experience and making major “improvements to Big Team Battle matchmaking,” according to the official Halo Twitter account. The community has been experiencing issues with jumping into Big Team Battles for some time now and it’s great that 343 Industries has addressed the issues with the Halo Infinite February 3rd update.

Big Team Battle (BTB) is a popular and famous 24-player game mode and has been present in several Halo titles. However, the community has been experiencing matchmaking problems for some time now which this update aims to fix. However, this update is only limited to the multiplayer side of Infinite. Multiplayer has been a great addition alongside the campaign mode and players have been having great fun.

The developers have not touched the campaign side of the game and there are no changes or fixes to the Infinite campaign. The size of this update is approximately 1.1 GB give or take and you can check out all the fixes and tweak coming with the update and the official and complete patch notes as published by developer 343 Industries below:

  • Matchmaking service improvements for Big Team Battle (BTB). Players should find full matches quicker and more consistently.
  • Scorpion Tanks and Wraiths will appear more frequently on BTB maps.
  • Fireteam members in BTB matches will have the selected Fireteam Marker color, but may still start the match in different areas of the map.
  • Join in progress rules updated to avoid matchmaking into games which are nearly complete.
  • Changes to Oddball in both Ranked and Arena Multiplayer playlists: If the score is tied when a round’s timer runs out, one minute is added back to the timer. If the score is tied at the end of the additional minute, then the round will be declared a tie. The match will end if two separate rounds end in a tie and the victory will go to the team with more rounds won.
  • Halo Championship Series (HCS) variant of Free-For-All Slayer added to the Custom Game modes list.
  • In Custom Games, changes to Free-For-All Slayer, FFA Oddball, Neutral Flag and Tactical Slayer game options update correctly.

Halo Infinite is available via the Xbox One, Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X, PC, and it’s also available via Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

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