Halo Infinite’s Scorpion Gun Campaign Glitch is Getting Fixed in Season 2

Speedrunners and gamers alike are furious

by Caleb Stultz


Though players are excited for the Halo Infinite’s second season, which features two brand new multiplayer maps, new modes, and a new Battle Pass for players to unlock new accessories, there is also a very unpleasant piece of news that was announced on April 15 from 313 Industries’ Senior Community Manager John “Unyshek” Junyszek.

Junyszek announced on Friday that the infamous Halo Infinite Scorpion Gun glitch will be patched along with the latest huge update to the game. For those unaware, the glitch was a handheld version of the Scorpion tank cannon players could find in the game’s Outpost Tremonius mission by activating a datapad on top of a crashed ship and then standing on the barrel of a nearby gun battery.

And like the actual Scorpion cannon, the glitched Scorpion gun had infinite ammo. The only catch? If you dropped or swapped the weapon, it could not be picked back up again.

One person, @999Shaheer, replied to Junyszek’s tweet with a quote tweet from the Senior Community Manager that said, “No fun allowed.” Many others shared the same sentiment with another account, @TeamRespawnTV, replying with the “Everybody hated that” meme from Fallout.

The feedback from this tweet was almost entirely negative considering how many fans of the game loved the glitch. Speedrunners could also complete Legendary runs of Halo Infinite with all skulls on (LASO), but completing a LASO was still difficult, glitch or no glitch.

As of now, 343 Industries has not given a reason why the glitch is being patched out of Halo Infinite. And with the overwhelmingly negative response, one has to wonder if the studio is truly working for the fans’ best interests.

Though this glitch, which many fans adored, is being taken out of the Halo campaign, they can find solace with all the new maps, game modes, and the brand new Battle Pass being introduced in Season 2, which releases May 3, 2022.

With the update comes two new maps, Catalyst and Breaker, which multiplayer level designer Tyler Ensrude says are “very different” from the maps you already know. Lone Wolves will bring a new element to the game along with some other potential additions like Last Spartan Standing and a potentially brand new battle royale mode.

So if you are looking to do a few more LASO runs with your overpowered hand cannon, be sure to do so now before the update comes in just under a month.

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Halo Infinite is available now on PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

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