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Halo: The Master Chief Collection Even Sounds Better

by Kyle Hanson


We all know that Halo: The Master Chief Collection will feature a remaster version of Halo 2 with updated visuals, but fewer people realize that the audio has been completely reworked as well. Halo 2: Anniversary will feature totally remastered audio for everything from environmental sounds, to weapon noises. At PAX Prime 343 Industries showed off this new audio with a comparison going between the old game and the new.

From our PAX 2014 Panel, watch and hear the difference in the sound from Halo 2: Anniversary!

Some of these sound almost completely different, like the Plasma Pistol and Energy Sword. I especially like the new Rocket Launcher audio which soulds less like a car driving by and more like an actual death-dealing weapon of war. To me they all sound much improved though, with deeper and richer sounds that feel more authentic. However, I will admit that some felt wrong due to my familiarity with the original game. Luckily 343 has my back and I can always switch between the remastered version and the original if I’m feeling particularly nostalgic.

These will be especially nice to hear while playing on the six remastered maps featured in the Halo 2: Anniversary multiplayer. So far we know five of these maps, Ascension, Coagulation, Lockout, Zanzibar, and Sanctuary with the final one to be announced some time before release.

Halo: The Master Chief Collection contains all four main entries in the franchise: Halo: Anniversary Edition, Halo 2: Anniversary, Halo 3, and Halo 4. All will run at 1080p and 60 FPS, with Halo 2: Anniversary featuring a new engine for imrpoved visuals and, as you hear here, audio. The game will release on November 11th 2014 exclusively for Xbox One.

- This article was updated on:March 7th, 2018

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