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Halo: The Master Chief Collection Owners To Get Free ODST

| December 20, 2014

Halo: The Master Chief Collection Owners To Get Free ODST News Xbox  Halo: The Master Chief Collection

After the launch of Halo: The Master Chief Collection last month, gamers have experienced a number of problems associated with the game, especially on the online side of the game. We knew that owners of the game would get to play the Halo 5: Guardians beta later this month, but it has been revealed that games are getting something really awesome to help make up for all of the launch problems.

The head of 343 Industries, Bonnie Ross, released a statement straight to the fans where she apologized once again and discussed how she wanted to thank fans. Within this note, she revealed that those who played Halo: The Master Chief Collection anytime between launch day on November 11 and yesterday, December 19 will be receiving the following free items, one of which is pretty unexpected.

  • Halo 3: ODST on Xbox One
  • Relic Multiplayer Map for Halo 2: Anniversary
  • 1 Month of Xbox Live Gold
  • Exclusive In-Game Nameplate
  • Exclusive In-Game Avatar

The addition of the full campaign for Halo 3: ODST is pretty shocking, but is a good step towards making up for the launch debacle that was Halo: The Master Chief Collection. The fact they are doing this pretty much has to mean that Halo: Reach is eventually coming too right?

Since the rules say that these will be free to anyone that played the game in that period of time, this should mean that even if you bought the game and played and traded it back in due to the issues, you should be able to get the content later. No specific release date has been specified for ODST or the multiplayer map, but they did say both would be arriving sometime in Spring 2015.

For those that bought Halo: The Master Chief Collection, are these free items enough to make up for the poor launch? Let us know in the comments below your thoughts on the matter.

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  • Tga215

    Hell yes

  • Facts First

    Just like Microsoft to offer above and beyond for these minor issues with the master chief collection. This will truly be the ultimate collection with ODST!

    • Guest

      Reach is next!

  • $125882522

    Good way to be complementary to the consumers. Halo had a bad launch? Not if you let Xbots tell it lol.

    Xbots: Driveclub isn’t working yet…PS4 is shit

    PS Player: Driveclub is fine now. What about Halo’s troubled launch?

    Xbots: We got SSOD!! Yeahhhhhh!!

    PS player: What about Halo’s bad start?

    Xbots: Sorry?

    PS player: Halo, remember? Master Chief? Major Xbox exclusive!?

    Xbots:*cringes face and twists lips*……..who had better exclusives?

    Weeks later…

    PS player: Excuse me, last time I asked you about the Halo Collection’s bad launch and you refused to answer the question and almost disacknowledged it’s existence. Do you have anything to add?

    Xbots: Xbox rules!! MCC was fine. Wooohoo. Driveclub!! Clap-Clap-Clap Driveclub!! Clap-Clap-Clap Driveclub!!

    PS player: *shakes head*

    • Guest

      No need to cry to much little Pony, we know how all the Pshit fanbase tried to make CrashFlop Delay Not Forza Killer launch a good thing and how the game worked from the start. Has Sony a company which uses the motto #ForThePlayers done anything to compensate their “players”? DLC is what they use to compensate you mindless drones? Wow talk about #ForThePayers.

      • $125882522


    • Ben

      Funny, it just took long. I don’t see anyone denying Halo was broken. But it greatly improved. I still don’t have the free version of DC. And its obvious how you call fans “Xbots” and make them look stupid.

      • $125882522

        Xbots is just fun to repeat lol. Not all Xbox owners are stupid. A good portion are tho lol.

        • Ben

          Did you miss the PS fanboys flooding the internet? Especially in all the Xbox outsold PS4 in November articles?
          They’re as bad as PC fanboys.

          • $125882522

            Oh I see them lol. I have to remind them of things sometimes too.

        • bardock5151

          You are not exactly a shining star for your own community.

          • $125882522

            I’m not trying to be a shining star for any community. I speak for myself. What you think of me? Could care less.

          • bardock5151

            Doesn’t matter what you are trying to be, you are embarrassing yourself and your community.

          • $125882522

            What doesn’t matter is what you of think me or what I’m doing junior lol. Not here to impress anybody, including you. PS4 community is fine. With or without me. Unless you have something valuable to add to this exchange I suggest you move along. Don’t waste my time and, I can’t tell you what to do with yours but….

    • The PC Master Race

      PC Gamers: LOL Console gamers

      • $125882522

        PS Player: *Checks list* Sorry, you don’t have clearance to participate in video game discussions. Access denied lol. But we do have a space where you can serve drinks….

        • The PC Master Race

          *Unsheathes Katana*

          Heh, nothin personel kid

          • $125882522

            Aprons and appropriate wear are in the back. Be sure to mind your manners and keep your tone to yourself sir. Don’t want to anger the gentleman speaking. Behave in your pay grade. Run along.

          • The PC Master Race
          • $125882522

            Stay in your place, servant.

  • Wizard of Peace

    :D YA!

  • GK15

    Pure genius on 343/MS’s part. This plus the Halo5 beta are going to get ppl excited about playing MCC again.

    I was very disappointed and vocal about MCC’s early online probs. No excuse for that. But I got into 7 consecutive games last night with no prob. As far as I’m concerned, it’s fixed. Maybe still a few kinks, but it’s fixed. And now getting ODST for free? Epic

  • Michael Lugo

    So if you played it on December 20 you don’t get halo odst for free so I got to buy it then

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