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Hardware: Rivals Officially Releasing on PS4 January 5

by Jason Eliason


Hardware Rivals, the latest vehicular combat game announced for PS4, will be available January 5th of 2016.  Rivals is the first sequel to the 2002 Playstation 2 title, Hardware: Online Arena.  The game’s release shortly after Sony launched PS2’s online features made it one of the very first online Playstation games.  Though the original was not reported a commercial success, Hardware is back after 13 years.

Developer, SCE Connected Content Group released the game’s official launch trailer earlier today.  The multiplayer 3rd person shooter features a variety of play styles.  Players may chose between armored tanks or “Fast Attack Vehicles” (FAVs).  Revealed content thus far basically looks like Twisted Metal and Rocket League had a baby.

Hardware: Rivals is said to offer a range of battle modes and challenges, as well as weapon customization and decals.  Cartoonish animations and collectible health packs scattered around the map appear to make for a light-hearted cruise through the world of vehicular manslaughter.  The Beta was available to PS Plus subscribers on a “first-come, first-served” basis back in late September.  Those who were able to obtain a download key also received an additional one for a friend.  Could this now booming fad pave the way for more innovative car games?  At this rate, perhaps we can expect a Car of Duty, or even Assassan’s Careed in the near future.

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