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Hearthstone Update 6.1.3 Patch Notes Show Major Balance Changes

by Kyle Hanson


Blizzard has dropped a ton of info on the upcoming Hearthstone update 6.1.3, which will see a bunch of balance changes added to the game. This means a lot of cards will get stronger, while others will become much weaker than they were before. According to Blizzard, the focus of this update is keeping Hearthstone fresh, allowing players to utilize more of the cards available to them in forming their decks.

“With the introduction of new cards to the Hearthstone card pool comes additional chances to innovate and discover new decks. Sometimes, the introduction of additional cards can also lead to older cards gaining an overall power level boost. In many cases, dusting off old cards can be good for the game, and allow our players to create and expand on new themes, even if they may not have a place in the current meta.

“With Keeping Hearthstone Fresh in mind, we have to be acutely aware of the overall power levels of our cards contained within the evergreen Basic and Classic sets. Since these cards do not rotate along with certain expansion or adventure sets each year for our Standard mode players, managing and monitoring their strength is of great importance to the overall health of the game.”

The things specifically mentioned in these patch notes are Shaman, Rockbiter Weapon, Tuskarr Totemic, Call of the Wild, Execute, Charge, Abusive Sergeant, and Yogg-Saron, Hope’s End. Just as an example, Rockbiter Weapon is said to be “the culprit of a few mass burst-damage combos in addition to being a reliable early game removal tool.” To combat this apparent imbalance, the card will now cost two Mana instead of just one. Click here to read through all of the changes coming in Hearthstone update 6.1.3, which is said to go live “before the Last Call events for the Hearthstone Championship Tour.”

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