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Hitman Studio IO Interactive Changes Logo & Gets A New Studio

by Anthony Decicco


Hot on the heels of the season finale of Hitman, developer IO Interactive have announced that they have a new logo and a new studio as they continue development on the storied Hitman franchise.

The new studio, located in the heart of Copenhagen, has all the necessary ingredients to create the best game possible. It has meeting rooms, named after their games, a cantina, a kitchen and an on-site motion capture studio. The announcement was made this morning at the studios official website, where they stated “their first priority is to continue Hitman the best it can be”. Also studio head, Hannes Seifert had a few words to say;

IOI has always been a studio that creates unique and interesting games. It comes from the idea that we want our games to play and feel like the people that create them. Our new studio is the perfect place to continue doing that. It’s an energetic, high-tech and exciting place to work that has been created specifically for our needs as an ambitious development studio. Our new logo is fresh, contemporary and expresses our creativity, ambition and passion.


The new logo is rather simplistic and shorter than their past ones. It will hopefully prove the right direction for the company. They are in full development swing right now working away at whatever may be next for Hitman. Bets are safe to say that we are going to see a Season 2.

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