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Homefront: The Revolution Update 2.0 Makes Significant Performance Improvements

by Mike Guarino


When Homefront: The Revolution launched earlier this year, it was riddled with bugs that made the game very difficult to get through for most people. There’s some potential underneath that muddy exterior, though, and the developers have been doing everything they can to wipe off the mud in the months following launch.

Next month the game will be getting update 2.0, which Dambuster Studios claims will significantly improve the game’s performance. They said the following:

“Since the launch of Homefront: The Revolution we have released multiple patches and updates, mainly focusing on critical issues and the ‘save stall’ issue on console, but we have also achieves some performance improvements as this recent analysis by Digital Foundry shows.”

They go on to say that “Nonetheless, we are continuing to work on performance, and this is the primary focus for our next major update, 2.0, which is currently scheduled for August. This will introduce further significant improvements to frame rate, as well as additional bug fixes and reduction of save stalls down to a minimum.”

While an exact release date for update patch 2.0 for the game was not shared, it is expected to be coming towards the beginning of tnext month. The game is currently available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

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