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Homefront: The Revolution’s First Single-Player DLC Out Now

by Mike Guarino


After many months of tweaks and improvements, Homefront: The Revolution is in a much better state now than it was at launch. Those who have stuck with the game have been able to enjoy a much more pleasant experience, and now they have the game’s first single-player DLC to check out.

The DLC is called The Voice of the People and follows Benjamin Walker, who is the most wanted man in America. Walker is attempting to infiltrate Philadelphia and launch attacks against the KPA, who have completely overrun the area. The story actually acts as a prequel to the main game, showing the beginnings of Jack Parish’s resistance cell. There is also a new street gang that goes by the “90,” which controls the area’s subways.

Those who have the game’s expansion pass will be able to download it now, though it will also be available to download separately. The developer also notes that the game’s recent performance patch has “massively improved the overall experience.”

New Resistance Mode outfits were also revealed during this announcement, which include the following:

• Urban Combat Outfit
• Black and White mask
• Gunshot Mask
• Cobweb Mask

Homefront: The Revolution is available now for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

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