How to Get Ragetail Plum in Wild Hearts

How do you get a Ragetail Plum?

by Diego Perez

The world of Wild Hearts is filled with deadly Kemono that reward you with rare materials when defeated, and the Ragetail Plum is one of the rarest materials that the early game has to offer. As the name suggests, it comes from the Ragetail, the first Kemono that you hunt on your own in Wild Hearts. However, unless you use the right weapon or hunt this Kemono with other players who have the right tools equipped, you won’t get any Plums from a Ragetail anytime soon. If you’re a Monster Hunter veteran then you might already have an idea of how to acquire a Ragetail Plum, but if you’re new to the hunting genre or need a refresher, here’s what you need to do.

Where to Get Ragetail Plum in Wild Hearts

If you’ve been paying attention during Ragetail fights in Wild Hearts, then you may have noticed the massive plum located at the tip of the Kemono’s tail. That’s the Ragetail Plum. To get it, you have to break the tail by dealing enough damage to it before killing the Kemono. You’ll know when you’ve done enough damage because the Ragetail Plum will pop clean off of the Kemono. Once it’s severed, you have to harvest it manually to add it to your inventory.


Since the Ragetail Plum is only obtained by breaking a Ragetail’s tail, you can only get one per hunt unless you’re doing a quest that features multiple Ragetails. Thankfully, there’s a quest unlocked quite early in Wild Hearts that pits you against a pair of Ragetails. Be careful if you’re farming Ragetail Plums this way though, since the Ragetails featured in this quest will have lower overall health pools and you might accidentally kill one of them before severing the tail.

While it’s frustrating that some armor sets will require upwards of four Ragetail Plums to craft, at least there’s a surefire way to get them on every hunt. Just keep hunting Ragetails and focusing your attacks on their tails to stock up on Ragetail Plums so you can craft some of the best early game armor sets Wild Hearts has to offer.

Wild Hearts is available now on PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S.