Best Early Game Armor Sets in Wild Hearts

Get decked out with this gear quickly!

by Shaun Cichacki

As gamers prepare to set out into the world of Wild Hearts, properly preparing can be the difference between life and death. If gamers find themselves locked in a battle to the death with one of the monstrous Kemono on the islands, they can quickly lose their lives if they aren’t rocking better armor in this hunting game.

But, which armor should players grind for when they’re working toward becoming the best around, and which armor should be left behind as quickly as it is found? Let’s jump right in and find out which plates and helms will give players the best chance of survival.

Best Early Game Armor In Wild Hearts

As players start taking down Kemono and claiming different parts from them, gamers may be wondering which sets of armor they should start building up and working toward, as each of the sets has its own benefits and downfalls.

5. Hunters Garb


The default armor that players will start their game out with, players should work on upgrading this as quickly as possible. While it may look surprisingly cool, the stats that it brings to the table are not as great. Only offering a marginal amount of defense, alongside no skills, players should dump this for anything as quickly as possible.

4. Fresh Fern Armor


The Fresh Fern Gear is the first set that will give players the chance to see what Armor should be doing in the world of Wild Hearts, and it is also quite easy to gather all of the different parts. While it can be quickly outclassed by other armors, players will have the perfect opportunity to get stronger while using this set.

3. Young Samurai Garb


The Young Samurai armor is one of the better sets available to early-game players, and offers the first set of skills, increasing overall health for players jumping into battle. While it has a strong weakness in Fire attacks, the other defensive elements against other elements, as well as a strong baseline defense can ensure that gamers can upgrade this to their heart’s content.

2. Ocean Wave Armor


For gamers hoping for a more lax fit, the Ocean Wave armor set increases the overall defense of the Samurai set, all while giving players a better chance to sneak up on their foes using the Stealth Art skills. Having the chance to sneak up on your foes is important, especially if you plan on knocking down a large portion of their health before the battle officially begins.

1. Basara Armor


The Basara Armor is some of the best early-game armor that players can get their hands on, especially if gamers are hoping to upgrade down either the Human-Path or Kemono-Path. Players can utilize this armor for a large portion of their playthrough, even past this early game, as it offers a great line of Elemental Defense as well as solid base stats.

No matter where gamers jump in, Wild Hearts is a unique take on the familiar monster-hunting formula. Gamers that have been waiting for something new to jump into with friends, start working towards these armor sets and get ready to have some fun in this wild world.

Wild Hearts is available now on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

- This article was updated on February 15th, 2023