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Injustice 2 Has Another Character Reveal Lined Up For Valentine’s Day

by Dean James


Injustice 2 has seemed like it has been in the news more than just about any other game lately, with NetherRealm Studios bringing us reveal after reveal, all on top of the ongoing closed beta. Just yesterday came the latest character reveal with the fan favorite Swamp Thing for Injustice 2, but now it has been announced we’re going to get yet another today for Valentine’s Day.

Swamp Thing was the most recent character reveal yesterday, which looks like he will be a great fit in the game, but NetherRealm isn’t done this week with the reveals. After his unveiling, the official Injustice website was updated to say “New Character Reveal – 2.14.17,” which was thought to maybe be a mistake at first since we just one.

As a result, the official Injustice 2 Twitter was asked if this was in fact the case, in which they responded by saying:

“The site is correct! More reveals tomorrow!”

The most interesting part of this response is the fact they said more “reveals” tomorrow, rather than just a “reveal.” It’s possible this could be another story related trailer like we got before that revealed both new and veteran characters in the game awhile back, or maybe it’s just a gameplay trailer with one new character and maybe a new skin or something.

Originally, we were supposed to be getting a new character reveal last week, but on the day of the supposed announcement, it was delayed until yesterday. Perhaps the original plan was to have one last week and then one today as well and they decided to double up after the delay last week. That’s something we won’t know for awhile, but if it happens to be a Valentine’s related character in some way, that is very likely the case.

Before Swamp Thing was announced, it was thought that the rumored Firestorm would be revealed due to a teasing tweet by Ed Boon last week, so many believe that’s who we could get here. They could also go with a Valentine’s theme too and announce the return of someone like Green Arrow or something. Regardless, that is something we’ll have to wait and see later today.

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