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The Interview Now Available On The PSN Store

by William Schwartz


After spending the holiday trying to get PSN back up, Sony has put the controversial movie ‘The Interview’ on their PSN video store for users to rent or buy.

‘The Interview’ is the James Franco, Seth Rogen comedy that has been all over the news due to North Korea’s distaste for the film. It follows two journalists who are enlisted by the US government to assassinate Kim Jong Un and hilarity ensues. The film, which is also produced by Seth Rogen, has not only been in the news due to controversy with North Korea, but is also believed to be the primary reason for the recent Sony Pictures hacks that led to a widespread information leak throughout the company. Originally the film was pulled from it’s theatrical release, but made its way onto video on demand services just in time for for the Christmas holiday and a limited theatrical release.

Now it has made it onto the PSN store for rental and purchase in SD and HD.  Rental is $5.99 and to own it is $14.99 in both SD and HD. Fans eager to see the movie are now be able to check out the movie on Xbox Live, PlayStation Network, Google Play and even Amazon Instant Video.

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