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Is Halo: The Master Chief Collection Finally Coming to PC?

Could the Halo series finally make its way fully to PC?

by Kyle Hanson


When will Halo: The Master Chief Collection come to PC? That’s the question on every PC shooter fan’s mind, and it’s been there for the last few years. While the massive collection of classic games wasn’t in the best shape at launch, to put it lightly, it has since been updated and patched into pretty much everything fans could have hoped for. But it still hasn’t made the switch to PC. With a news posting on Halo Waypoint though, fans have more reason to be anxious than ever, promising “exciting news” soon.

The event being teased is the Halo Championship Series at SXSW, taking place in Austin, TX from March 15-17. Developer 343 Industries announced that “not only will you be treated to amazing matches and gameplay, but we’ve also got some exciting MCC news to reveal during the show.”

Now, this could of course be anything. Halo: The Master Chief Collection has had a lot of big changes applied to it over the last few months and years. 343 could be teasing a big update, which could even include the addition of Halo: Reach to the collection. This is all speculation at this point, given the vagueness of the announcement. However, fans have been pushing for a PC release very hard lately, and a tease like this is exactly what will stir up that pot once more.

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