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Is Nintendo Going To Have A Nintendo Switch Direct Before The System’s Launch?

by Dean James


As hard as it may be to believe, the Nintendo Switch is only 10 days away from release after having only been announced late last year and then unveiled further in a live presentation last month. Since that presentation in mid-January, we have learned more details than was originally announced, but there is still plenty of aspects of the system that remain a mystery. With so much left unanswered, and promises of answers to some said to come before release, we are wondering if we might see a Nintendo Direct before next Friday.

The Nintendo Switch is set to launch on Friday, March 3 with a relatively small lineup of games. The majority of these will be available with physical copies, but a few are digital only, which was the only way we even knew the eShop would be up on release day.

While we know the eShop will have to be up for the announced digital launch titles, as well as digital versions of games like The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, what we have absolutely no clue on is the Virtual Console. Plenty of reports came out late last year after the initial announcement that claimed the group being the NES Classic Edition emulation was handling the VC in some capacity, with GameCube games also being prepared for the Virtual Console.

In addition, Nintendo announced that the Nintendo Switch will have a paid service for online, though it will be free until later this year. Outside of a few sentences on the website though, we still know hardly anything about it. Through other sources, we’ve learned that Nintendo has finally wised up and is implementing a true account based system that your purchases will be tied to instead of the system, as in the past. That is really a big deal, but yet Nintendo has chosen to not tell us any of the details about this, or the possibility of any past purchases being able to be upgraded for a price like on Wii U.

With so few days left until release, we’ve heard nothing official on any of these departments for launch, along with some other lesser details as well. Nintendo had promised that we would get information about the Virtual Console and the Nintendo Switch’s online setup before release, but with less than a week and a half to go until release, they’ve remained very quiet. That is why we are really hoping that Nintendo announces and holds a Nintendo Direct this week to answer many of the questions we still have, but the closer it gets to release, the less likely it seems we will get one.

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