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Ivy And Zasalamel Return In SoulCalibur 6

by Jelani James


Bandai Namco has released two trailers confirming that Isabella “Ivy” Valentine and Zasalamel will be returning to SoulCalibur 6.

Barring Soul Edge, Ivy has been present in every single Soul game to date. Considering that this game is a reboot for the series, she will be sporting her original outfit and look far less pale than before. In battle, she’s the same as always, using her whip to strike at opponents from various ranges. In the trailer, we see her use it as a regular sword, extend it to use as a whip and even use magic to have it function as a bow.

And, of course, her most notable way of using her weapon is during her super attack where she launches the opponent up into the air and uses magic to keep them suspended there, while each individual blade from the whip pierces her foe. After the blades find their mark, she proceeds to pull her opponent out of the air where they’re met with a vicious heel to the head, sending them face first into the ground.

Meanwhile, Zasalamel was introduced in SoulCalibur 3 where he was on a quest to find the holy blade SoulCalibur and ultimately become the demon known as Abyss. Just like before, he’ll be using his massive scythe to tear away at his opponents.

For his super attack, Zasalamel casts a spell on the opponent which causes time to stop and a magic circle to appear on the ground. He then proceeds to store up energy in his scythe and slashes his opponent with one super-powerful strike.

With these two announcements, the roster has expanded to eight characters: Sophitia, Mitsurugi, Kilik, Xianghua, Nightmare, Groh, Ivy and Zasalamel.

Considering that Bandai Namco has added a character who was formally introduced later in the series, there’s a chance we’ll see characters who also fit that bill, like Cassandra and Talim.

SoulCalibur 6 is due out for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC in 2018.

Check out the two trailers below:

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