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John Carmack thinks Sony made “wise choices” with the PS4

by William Schwartz


John Carmack approves of the design choices that Sony has made with the PS4.  The founder and technical director of Id Software, maker of games like Wolfenstein, Doom, Quake and Rage, has given Sony his nod of approval for the PS4 via Twitter.

Carmack says:  “I can’t speak freely about PS4, but now that some specs have been made public, I can say that Sony made wise engineering choices.”

Carmack says about PS4: “Sony made wise engineering choices”

One of the pillars of yesterday’s PlayStation 4 reveal was in making the new hardware more accessible for developers of all kinds.  By moving away from the CELL architecture in the PlayStation 3, and working with a new x86 “Supercharged PC Architecture” the company is looking to lure developers like Carmack to develop the biggest and best experiences on the console.

Getting a nod from one of the most important and influential developers on PC is no small feat for Sony, and it looks like they’ve hit the nail on the head when it comes to making the console more developer friendly.  Hopefully, gamers will reap the benefits come Holiday 2013 when games start to arrive for the new console.

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