Kerbal Space Program gets a Second Expansion with ‘Breaking Ground’

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One of the original indie hits is still pushing out great new content with the announcement of Kerbal Space Program: Breaking Ground. This is the second major expansion for the space simulator game, following the Making History DLC which arrived last year. This new chunk of content is said to feature some highly anticipated features, and the release date isn’t too far off with Kerbal Space Program: Breaking Ground arriving on May 30th.

What’s in this new DLC? Squad explains “The new expansion allows players to take on unique challenges with a wide range of eagerly anticipated content, including additional equipment to conduct a host of scientific experiments and access to intricate robotic parts, which can be used to create all sorts of inventive crafts. The expansion also adds surface features, populating the game’s landscape with meteors, mineral formations and craters to explore and study, while Kerbals will be perfectly dressed for their upcoming missions with a sleek new futuristic space suit.”

Kerbal Space Program is one of those classic games that players can sink dozens or hundreds of hours into as they perfect their formula and craft the best space program in the world. Originally released in 2011, the game has grown and changed over the years but still held onto the core promise of building up your own version of NASA.

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