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King’s Knight Announced For iOS/Android Loosely Related To Final Fantasy XV

by Anthony Decicco


Something tells me that Square-Enix is expecting a lot out of Final Fantasy XV, between Brotherhood, Kingsglaive, A Knight’s Tale (which actually sounds pretty fun) and that weird one inspired by a game within a game (Justice Monsters Five). Well, add another one to the list with the Tokyo Game Show announcement of King’s Knight: Wrath Of The Dark Dragon.

Sure, the game isn’t directly related to Final Fantasy XV, but it seems just like Justice Monsters Five, it will be a mini-game in the full release. So they decided to create a full ‘remaster’ or sequel if you would, of King’s Knight, a very old NES game from the older Square-Enix era, when they were simply known as Square. The new game has been revamped for mobile devices and will be completely free. The comparison shows the clear technological advances since the original and actually looks pretty cool for a mobile game. Check out the trailer below.

We should also note that the official website notes that the game will have in-app purchases. The trailer promises connectivity with players from around the world and shows off some pretty cool boss fights. Pre-Registration for the game is now open for iOS and Andraid. Fans can expect the game to hit their phones sometime this year.

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