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Kobe Bryant NBA 2K15 Player Rating Revealed

by Damian Seeto


Kobe Bryant’s NBA 2K15 player rating has been revealed and he won’t be one of the top four current players in the game.

We already know there are four players that have a rating of 90 or above in NBA 2K15. Kevin Durant has a rating of 95. The highest rated current player in the game is LeBron James with a whopping 98. NBA Champion Tim Duncan is rated a 90 exactly. One other player is above the 90 mark, but it will not be Kobe Bryant.

It has now been revealed that Kobe Bryant has an overall rating of 89 in NBA 2K15. This is down four points he was in NBA 2K14 as he rated a 93. It is also one of the first times he has been rated this low in a video game before.

Kobe Bryant has been sidelined with injury which had a huge impact on his rating in NBA 2K15. Not to mention the whole Los Angeles Lakers team has been pretty lackluster for the past few years. 2K Sports usually adjusts player rating during the season. It’s possible Kobe Bryant can lift up his rating if he plays well during this upcoming season.

Do you feel Kobe Bryant’s player rating in NBA 2K15 is correct?

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