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The Last Guardian’s New Trailer Focuses On The Action

by Mike Guarino


The Last Guardian has been a game that has come off as more of a low-key and atmospheric experience from the promotional material we’ve gotten so far, but the game’s latest trailer switches things up. This time we’re getting a clip that zeroes in on some of the game’s more action-heavy moments, which you can check out at the bottom of this post.

The footage shown here is very brief, as the video itself is only 30 seconds long. However, it does a decent job of showing off a quick flash of some of the game’s different set pieces. It’s likely they released this in order to appeal more to people who thought the game looked boring, but whether or not this will change people’s minds is anyone’s guess.

Earlier today we learned that the game would be getting PlayStation 4 Pro support, though it won’t be as extensive of an enhancement as some other supported games. The biggest improvement will be that the game will be upscaled to 4K, though there will also be other minor performance improvements.

The Last Guardian will launch exclusively for the PlayStation 4 on December 6th. Check out the new action gameplay trailer below.

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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